Chapters, they are sections of books, periods of time or episodes in one’s life. For me, these chapters are based on the catalog of songs I’ve written in the order they’ve been conceived. They are demos, alternative versions, or new songs I haven’t had the chance to release. Each will have a story. The images are all from the town where I grew up. The streets where I lived, the neighborhoods I dwelled, the beach I would get away to, the sidewalks I biked on. It’s the story of me.

In chapters.

‘I’m on this’ was written for an indie movie called A Poor Kid’s Guide to Success. A script two friends put together that came from real life experiences. I was greatly inspired after reading since i had heard their stories for so long. I already write a song called ‘carousel’ for their first coming of age script called LHRO (Laurence Harbor Rats Organization). So this was my sequel to their sequel. The story of leaving a dead end road to the land of supposed opportunity. From losing loved ones to living day to day. This version is the demo I pitched and eventually made it into the film. Later re-recording it with producer Jeff Trott for the album Foregone Conclusion. This was Chapter 28 in my book of chapters.
Image: the lights, the courts, the pitch I spent my formative high school years at Spanish River High. Life was dedicated to futbol. To pals. To surviving those 4 years then never forgetting them.