Saying yes to something you are passionate about
in that moment
Whether its love, or lust, or knowledge or trust
Leaning in
Blindly or bust

My name is Eric Mellgren. I was raised in South Florida just inside the Rat’s Mouth, sustained by a diet of eighties culture and nineties grunge in my early years and teens. In college, I discovered a latent talent and passion for songwriting. Years later, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a life of music, eventually turning my creative persona into Shotgun Honeymoon.

Much like my childhood inspiration, Shel Silverstein – himself a poet, publisher, and musician – I aspire to be a creator of many mediums. In addition to writing and performing music, producing videos, and making records, I currently work as a facilitator administering music therapy and helping those with mental health struggles (The Middle Branch). I’ve even turned my writings into a poetry book called A Kids’ culture of the 80’s. A remembrance of what it was like growing up in that time.

In a sincere effort to revive the renaissance lifestyle, I seek to educate, help, and create at any and every turn I make.